Training Interns & Partnering for Success (TIPS)

“There are lots of things I am hoping to achieve. For example, I want to learn more about communicating, understanding, and dealing with people. Everyone is different and has different reactions to things and how they handle situations. This will be an important quality for me to learn if I want to move forward.” -TIPS Student, Oxbow High School

What is TIPS?

TIPS is a student internship program aligned with Vermonts Act 77, the Vermont Standards for Work-based Learning and Education Quality Standards Transferable Skills. TIPS provides youth with an opportunity to learn pre-employment skills, participate in an internship with a local business and attain high school proficiencies.

UVBEP serves as the Vermont statewide coordinator of TIPS, providing program facilitation materials, lesson plans and internship placement tools to participating schools. UVBEP is collaborating with regional partners to connect high school students with employers statewide. TIPS is partially funded by the Vermont Department of Labor’s Next Generation Fund and the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation’s Federal GEAR UP Program.

How does TIPS work?

TIPS is designed to transition students through two phases of career readiness. The first phase is a pre-employment skills course. The curriculum includes interactive lessons, industry tours with local businesses and classroom presentations by employers. Ultimately, students learn transferable skills to prepare for an internship. The second phase offers students an opportunity to participate in an internship with a local employer where they can practice their new skills, using a structured training plan to outline objectives and assess performance. Students attain proficiencies towards high school graduation.

Benefits to Students

  • developing transferable skills while earning proficiencies towards graduation
  • learning workplace terminology, climate and protocol
  • understanding how academic skills can be applied to the workplace
  • making informed choices about education and career pathways
  • working with adult role models

Thoughts from a TIPS student

Benefits to Employers

  • opportunity to contribute to youth workforce development
  • hosting interns with transferable skills training
  • ongoing support from a licensed Work-based Learning Coordinator
  • positive publicity and community involvement

Thoughts from a TIPS employer

“In order to buy stuff or to have things like an apartment, I need a job that I am interested in and happy at. TIPS, as I understand, will give me the option to to experience a job that I think I might want. Maybe I will like it and maybe not, either way it will be a good experience for me, and I will find out things about myself.” -TIPS Student

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